Fab9 Tuning’s Special Guest, VersaTune!

This year, Fab9 Tuning is bringing another special guest!

VersaTune is a Mazda dedicated software company that’s partnered with Fab9Tuning to hyper focus on performance and calibration of the NC and ND platforms. They drive Miatas, own Miatas and will continue to support Miatas well into the future. With a simple experience for the end user to unleash horsepower, it comes as no surprise that they’ve quickly dominated ND1/ND2 tuning market.

Make sure to check out their tent in the vendor area during MATG XXV because they’ll be doing tunes on site and might even offer a free tuning suite or two!

Road Work near Franklin, NC

The NC DOT is working on the road by Bridal Veil Falls near Franklin, NC. It should be open by April 16 and in good condition for those of you wanting to tour the area waterfalls.

They have also removed the large boulder that was blocking the road behind the falls, so hopefully that will be open again for photos as well!

Ride Rage Powdercoating

Dan Hill of Ride Rage Powdercoating is the longest continuous vendor for MATG. There are countless Miatae on the roads with his custom powdercoated valve covers, wheels, rollbars, and more!

You can ship your metal parts to him for coating, or buy one of his at MATG and have him professionally install it for you!

What has he powdercoated for you?

Spinnywhoosh Graphics

Scotty started by carrying decals in a binder to weekly Miata club meets in Tampa. Now he has a full inventory of custom car liveries, headliners, door cards, wide view mirrors, apparel, LEDs, and more. Spinnywhoosh can make your Miata truly unique and stand out, no matter what your taste may be.

Are you sporting any Spinnywhoosh interior or exterior pieces?

KPower Industries – Home of KMiata

In 2020, KMiata transitioned to KPower Industries. With the release of the BMW E30 kits and BRZ/FRS kits in final testing, they have greatly expanded their reach.

Don’t worry, though–they’re not moving away from the Miata world! In 2021, they started design and development for NC and ND kits. Keep your eyes open for updates.

Despite the pandemic, the company has grown exponentially in 2020 and is now running 5 CNC machines to keep up with demand.

Have you driven a KPowered Miata?

SNS Mazda Parts

One of our newer vendors at MATG is SNS Mazda Parts. Being one of the new kids on the block certainly hasn’t slowed Alex Todd down very much though.

In 2020 he purchased and parted 74 Miatas, visited 34 states between New York, Florida, and California, and he logged over 100,000 miles picking up and delivering parts and cars. He even sold more than 40 hardtops last year.

I know we’ve bought parts from him, what have you bought?


We know many Miataphiles are also Hot Wheels collectors (must be something about the toy-like size of the cars), but how about Legos?

A member of the Lego Ideas website, “manwaffles” has proposed an idea to have an official Miata kit available from Lego. To make this happen, he needs to garner a bit of support.

You can visit the Lego Ideas page HERE, and support the build. With enough supporters, Lego will work with him to design, market, and produce an official Miata Lego product.

Paco Moto

Mark with Paco Motorsports is one of our more popular vendors at MATG every year. He always brings unique and innovative products to display.

What Paco Moto products do you have?

A lift kit, strong arms, one of his lightweight hitches, or maybe the alignment hub stands? Perhaps some of his ND parts like seat lowering brackets, swaybar reinforcement, or audio upgrades?

A quieter getaway

For those of you wanting a little bit of peace and quiet during MATG, we would like to offer a couple options:

Appalachian Inn
Just over 12 miles away from Fontana Village, Appalachian Inn offers 5 unique guest rooms on a knoll overlooking Stecoah Gap.

Snowbird Mountain Lodge
Sitting 2 miles above Lake Santeetlah, Snowbird is celebrating their 80th birthday in 2021. They have 15 rooms in their main lodge as well as 2 secluded multi-unit cabins.

Both lodgings have availability for MATG XXV, but don’t wait too long to reserve yours!